Sunday, 4 July 2010

The First Strike!

It all began with the film Whip It, I saw the posters and had really wanted to see it for ages before it was even released here in Wales. So one free evening after its release I went along and was greatly surprised by its effect on me... Not only did I love the film but I was instantly hooked on derby and longed to be near a team to give it a bash. And so on facebook I noticed a friend attending a Roller Derby recruitment day and without any hesitation I clicked attending and went along that fine afternoon to the Star Centre (after getting totally lost!) to meet the Dragon Dolls!

I had never been on roller skates before, I had experience of the occassional Winter Wonderland ice skating but that was it. So after a loooong queue to sign forms and disclaimers I then nabbed a pair of skates close to my size and awaited some protective gear when the girls on skates swapped with us girls still waiting to get on 8 wheels. That first wheel wasnt too bad until they taught us falls, lets just say throwing yourself to your needs on skates feels just a touch abnormal! But nevertheless it was fun and I aimed to keep it up so went and spent the last scraps in my bank account on a pair of snazzy rios and all the kit :)

Since then I have't been able to attend that many sessions due to my other life as a student nurse! But what sessions (mostly the Wednesday free skates) I was able to make have been consumed with learning crossovers, falls and balance and general staring in awe at the girls who are super amazing with their going backwards and jumping things! Plus following one session I was able to go to lunch for a few girls and levels and social activities were discussed and I actually spoke to people as I tend to be a little too shy for my own good :/

Then a week or two ago I actually had a Saturday off work and so trundled to Star, skates in hand, to the half 10 session, to allow a lie-in of course! I joined "Team Tard" (purely the greatest team of all!) to be assessed for which skate level I was at. My single knee fall was ok but when asked to plow stop I failed due to my dominant thigh making me turn rather than stop! This made me feel "The Meh" as I was so annoyed with myself for not being able to do it along with not being able to attend Saturday sessions where girls were learning specific skills and doing drills.

The following Wednesday allowed me to continually speed up and plough stop as well as build confidence with my crossovers. Still feeling somewhat lacking next to the girls with their news skates and amazing new skills gained when I had been missing out. I felt better in myself but a bit pants in comparison and also like a tit for still being so shy and not even blinking at anyone else there....

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