Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Roll into the new year...

So as is clear from the huge gap since my last blog I haven't been skating in a long while, mainly due to shifts and being a bridesmaid and no sessions over the Christmas and I kinda thought I was falling out of love with it...

I managed to attend the first Glam skate session which showed me I could still move on my skates and get some sparkle on in my sequin vest *apologies for unexpected amounts of cleavage!"

From there I went on to actually attend the first Saturday training session of the year and it was great to get stuck in and not feel horrendous after two hours, the only thing that got to me was feeling like I regressed right back to a newbie after doing quite well before my "break" and following this came more Saturday shifts but im off for a few weekends next month so I hope to get back into the swing of things!

I also attended the first bout of the Tiger Bay Brawlers and was inspired that actually I can do it! Bring it on I say!! and I won a prize in the raffle... double bonus! :D

Fortunately the past couple of Mondays I have managed to train for the first hour of the session (before heading off all stretched ready for footie practice!) This week was especially fab, after the first 3 minutes of the 5 min skate destroyed my shins I joined the non-min skills group as we cracked on with plough and t-stops and then turning, it really helped me to realise I still know what to do, its just a case of gaining some confidence again, I will be back and I WILL PASS MIN SKILLS!!! My confidence is coming strong and proper! :)

And a final shout out to Rhayfen! fingers crossed its nothing serious, just goes to prove that the warm ups are lethal, we are all thinking of you!

So that is Ninja Death Star's entry for 2011, here is to a roller derby filled year for me where I will pass min skills, buy some sexy new skates and kit and hopefully attend the bootcamp Ive got my eye on in October :P

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