Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's been a while...

So I haven't blogged for a while and theres definitely a lot to catch up on!

Im currently lusting over the Riedell Diablos and following passing my degree *grins* and getting a job *woop* i'm hoping they will soon be a reality for me!
I really want riedell just to get down and dirty with learning and perfecting everything as I don't feel I can with my rios (particularly with their deathly toe stops!)

Practice wise, i'm trying to work mainly on my turns and t-stops so they are lovely and smooth...even at speed! Im getting there and today whilst chatting about skating I totally realised how far I come from having never skated before a few months ago :)
Also need to think about walking on my toe stops so I can think about a running start, I REALLY want to jam! so badly! and a few weeks back we did another session with a mini bout and my 'captain' stuck me in the hair net, I was worried my first attempt was a fluke but I stuck the wheels to the ground as hard as I could and done ok I think! Putting the running start together with smooth manouvres and I think I can maybe pull off trying to jam/show I can do it.

Also since my last post I went to London for the **roller disco** which was quite literally in the middle of the O2 with everyone able to watch. There were some amazing skaters! Oh how I wish I could skate backwards so effortlessly :) it was a good time and I loved skating there altho I could kick myself for not getting stuck in and not getting to know everyone better, this is my major flaw! I need to work on this as much as my skating skills :\

Now things are all change and all go, I just want to be happy and skate :D
My main aims are to smooth out my skating, my speed and my skills/buy new skates/get to know people better!
I will let you know how that goes...!

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